Why we do this?

It’s because of her freckles, his dimples, the sparkle in his eyes.

His shy smile, her toothless grin, his obvious sense of humor, her ambition and drive.

His confidence and determination, and her hope and faith.

That’s why we are joining in the fight against childhood cancer.

They can’t do it alone.  And because these kids have fought and many continue to fight, we will too. Because they have to be brave, we will do our part in braving the shave.

Watch the video to see the real reason why we Brave the Shave.

More information

Below are several links with more information about our Brave the Shave campaign. Feel free to print and distribute the posters. Let’s get the word out about Brave the Shave 2015!

  • Our info sheet tells all about our Brave the Shave campaign.
  • Our infographic shows the unfortunate impact of childhood cancer. It also shows how our efforts are making a difference in the fight.
  • Our photo sheet features several people whose lives have been touched by Brave the Shave. Find out what it means to them.

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